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Bet Roulette

Give chance a chance, and bet with Bet Roulette.

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Project Description

I met a friend of mine in Las Vegas one weekend. Let's call him Alex. He can play Roulette for hours, but after playing for a while finds it difficult to think of numbers randomly. Alex would default to his mother's birthday, age, etc., not really giving chance a chance. Together with Matt Ozer, we wrote the first version of Bet Roulette with primitive user interface components at a hotel in Las Vegas, built it to the iPhone and ran downstairs to try it out. And we won with Bet Roulette!

But how do you design a random number generator? By focusing on the user. By mimicking the Roulette table, the user interface not only shows Alex which numbers to play, but where they are on the table. This eliminates the barrier between the app and the roulette table. If you've ever played Roulette, you can understand the importance of speed when placing bets. The last thing you want is for the ball to drop in a number the app suggested, but you didn't have time to place a bet on.

When Alex uses Bet Roulette to the fullest, he can keep track of how in sync the app is with the table. As the ball rolls, Alex can record the winning number which appears in the title board and the success rate automatically updates.

Project Details

Date: 08.06.2013
Client: Frames Per Sound
Role: UI/UX Designer & Developer


  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • Core Plot
  • Core Graphics
  • AV Foundation
  • Quartz Core
  • UI Kit
  • Mobile Core Services
  • Core Location
  • Google Analytics
  • Audio Toolbox
  • Message UI
  • Store Kit
  • OBShapedButton
  • Xcode
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop