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The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival at your fingertips for three years in a row.

Project Description

For SFJFF33, over 70% of users utilized the schedule feature the most. We’ve translated this knowledge to SFJFF34 by featuring the schedule as the main interface and bringing more interactions and options (like the filter and the ability to search by film title). Each time a user navigates to the schedule, the schedule automatically scrolls the user to the current day's screenings at the current time. The schedule feature is also linked to the filter, so if the user searches only for films at Castro Theatre, only Castro dates will appear as options. Users always know what film is playing next.

Premiere status and showtime are given priority under the title, and the schedule includes a teaser (the first two lines of the description) for each film and event to entice the user to visit the details. To encourage more festival participation, spotlights and events are included in the schedule and highlighted via an icon with subtle animation to draw the user's attention.

Project Details

Date: 06.20.2014
Client: San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Role: UI/UX Designer & Developer


SFJFF34 is available for free on the App Store.

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In past years, users were only able to search for films playing at Castro or films of a specific genre. The filter feature now includes combined logic. Users can select as many venues or genres as they like. When active, the filter turns green, and the number of films that match the user's search criteria appears above the filter icon. The first time the app runs, a tip appears when the user clicks on the filter icon, explaining how to use the feature.

A goal for this year’s app was to inject calls to action where appropriate. For example, where ticket prices and information are now available when users buy tickets, we’ve included a ‘Get discounts on tickets’ call to action that details Jewish Film Festival member benefits and special ticket packages (whereas in SFJFF33 this information lived in a separate part of the app causing users to leave the process of buying tickets to learn more about prices and discounts). For free screenings, the call to action becomes ‘Support more programs like these’ and gives users a chance to donate to SFJFF. Our expectation is that this change will encourage more donations to SFJFF through the app! And, ticket prices are screening specific, so if the screening the user selected to buy tickets for is a matinée, the prices are reflected as such.

Favorites also got a face lift. Rather than feeding the same information about a favorite film that appears in the main interface, favorite films are listed by title and feature the next available screening specific to the user’s current time. For example, if I favorite 112 Weddings, and it's Saturday, Jul 26 at 5pm (after the first screening), then the app will highlight the next screening on Sunday, July 27; But, if it's Aug 5 at 6pm, favorites will feature the screening on Aug 5 at 6:15 and inform the user that it is the last screening.

Along similar lines, we’ve made information about Box Office opening times user specific as well. While users may email or call the box office at any time, the button to call the box office clearly displays if the box office is open (and when it closes), or if the box office is closed (and when it will open again).